Gravity without Mass


All mathematics and human information are state based approximations that change with context. The human mind is an approximation engine; we cannot know any truth about anything. Our minds are a continuous flux of evolving perspectives.

Actual Physics is stateless. Everything mutually influences everything else. Including everything not yet detected nor conceived.

Physics Equations do not include influences of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, nor gravity.

Particle Physics has no particles. A particle is a library of interactive relationships based on large systems of circular logic; partial perspectives.

Diversely concurrent “Evolution” of uncharacterized fields has not yet been useful.

Modeling of Actual Physics cannot be constrained inside partial perspectives, and all mathematics operators are scalar approximations.

For instance: velocity as meters/second

“/” is part of Scalar Relativity; it cannot be the same throughout the observable universe, nor unobservable universe (i.e. Dark Energy, Dark Matter, gravity influences…decentralized expansion, complex galaxies observed only a short time after the thermally flat universe)

Actual Physics deforms our modeling of mathematics operators. Scientific Units represent force-fit partial perspectives that lead to flawed circular logic. Perceived constraints far different than the constraints of Actual Physics (main stream study asserts most of the observable universe due to dark matter and dark energy; fudge factors).

How can Actual Physics constraints become part of the state-based approximations of Mathematics?

Nothing absolute can be “counted” in Actual Physics. We count similar approximations. If there are two atoms, they are different by at least the evolving recursions that allow them to be in two different locations. Particles are extraordinarily simplified partial perspectives.

Instead of forcing Actual Physics (stateless and incomplete characterization) to fit in rudiment approximations of classical mathematics (state based approximations). Would looking at Vibrations of String Theory as special cases of diverse interactive evolving fields be more representative of gravity. Where gravity in part represents resultants of what is not modeled. Influences of everything not yet conceived that guide evolving diverse fields of influence to approximate vibrations.

The body of everything not yet conceived, constrained, to the limits of human ability to understand.

The supporting multidimensional nature of the concepts of force and energy are not at all detectable nor modeled, as anything other than resultants of special cases. By including live Actual Physics influences to produce “noise” in active mathematics that produce Actual Influence, systems of diverse evolving fields can resonate and produce influences in String Theory.

Vibrations implemented as diversely evolving fields of influence; Relativity.

Providing a means of modeling Scalar Relativity within all Mathematics Operators. Modeling space/time physics different than traditionally observable.

To manipulate gravity.

A true non-relativistic quantum computer embedded with AI has the potential to entangle with Actual Physics and manipulate Scalar Relativity. For example remotely bending scalar relativity to create a gravitational distortion. A ship pulled toward a moving gravity well. Gravity without mass.