A thought: directed gravity

The following is meant to explain the basis of my question, since space in the question is limited.

Can Einstein’s mass energy equivalence equation be vectorized, and made part of a series, such that mass becomes insignificant based on sympathetic recursion. New references for speed of light and momentum relative to a different dimension of consideration.

Something like Tensors, but actively correlating equations with actual physics. Having other dimensions of actual physics shape equations through sympathetic recursion.

Quantum Physics variation profiles stimulating recursive formations; adjusting the modals of weighted variables in the equivalence equation. Breaking up variables into more descriptive variables where modals tend to diverge.

Mathematical operators seem to represent types of entanglements. Associating influence from a distance.

To detect and manipulate other dimensions (part of actual physics) requires manipulating/violating every law of physics we consider, or it would not be another dimension.

Or the model might have vector notation and weightings to represent dimensional influence in the mutually consistent dimensional perspective desired.

How would laws of physics exist, and yet be part of other dimensions. Like Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Manipulating aspects of laws of physics together and/or in sequence; to cause changes differently than naturally observable; space/time manipulation. Everything mutually influences everything else in “actual” physics.

Mathematical models do NOT accurately represent actual physics; partial perspectives. As an example. Mathematical models do not at all represent the complex “evolution” of states from every perspective. Modern physics is a mathematical snapshot of “a” condition.

Quantum Mechanics is stateless.

How do other dimensions become represented in laws of physics?

What variables and/or symbols can be broken down into more descriptive variables,that include other dimensions?

For example matter and antimatter:

E^2 = +/- (mc^2)^2 +/- (pc)^2

Perhaps converting the right side into a series that modulates pc, sympathetic recursion results and pc becomes a significant factor in the energy equation.

Mass becoming an insignificant factor.

Momentum representing something else than a scalar of mass times velocity; vectors.

Sympathetic recursion (sequencing of a series) produces a type of energy that has a profile.

In quantum mechanics, the distribution of variation develops a profile. A recognizable dimension.

Potentially being able to manipulate mass; to manipulate gravity. To manipulate vectors of gravity.

To be able to design detectors to see Dark Matter, and potentially detect structures within the Thermally Flat Universe before the first galaxies were observed to be formed.

The complex formed galaxies first detected seem to suggest the presence of physics not yet observable. So a new type of detector is needed.

Can the significance of pc dominate Mass through some form of sympathetic recursion?