What is QES ?

This website is a composite of diverse conversations and perspectives related to Space/Time physics.  Concepts continue to evolve as new observations are integrated.  This is NOT a professionally maintained website.  All content must be considered opinion and lacks close scrutiny for contradictions.

Concepts have evolved considerably, as have related interpretations of observations.

The following is a summary of extrapolations related to QES.  The flow of content is not a priority as the relationships evolve.

“Quantum Entangled Singularities”(QES) is a theory to describe the underpinnings of Relativity. Subatomic particles are aliased causal relativity from causal singularities resonating recurrent causal entanglements.   Overly simplified, like the peaks generated in sound waves produced by two tuning forks resonating.

The postulated mutual entanglements of all Higgs bosons are a relativistic singularity. In this case a Dimensional Existence Singularity.

In General Relativity the Cosmological Constant is inconsistent. This in part is why Dark Matter and Dark Energy are being sought.

That a Dimensional Existence Singularity is potentially identified, may bring life to Quantum Pilot Theory to unify quantum mechanics with General Relativity.

Neither quantum mechanics nor general relativity model quantum entanglement nor gravity.

The interesting nature of causality is superposition; a causal artifact can simultaneously be everywhere within a dimension, or just within a subatomic particle…

A model of quantum entanglement is that it is a single point and all loops of interactive causality that are entangled pass through the same point. Instantaneous response because it is the same causally separable point. No distance is traversed; a switch. This is akin to String Theory.

String Theory is non-localized. Quantum Entanglement modeling of physics may provide a common format for String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and General Relativity to interact.

QES is “”NOT”” a Theory of Everything (TOE). QES is ONLY a potential modeling tool to mutually incorporate mathematical toolsets.

None of the tools of Relativity, quantum mechanics, or string theory, integrate CERN Extra Dimension Particles as an example.  The observations of a repeatable outcome, while uncertainty profile distributions change, are not explained.

Evolving flux creates sympathetic resonance and subatomic particles are thought to be relativistic singularities.

Causality has two fundamental parts, recursion, and evolving flux. Each is completely independent of the other but mutually connected.

Together they form evolving relativity.

Quantum entanglement is two or more relativistic systems with a decoherence of relativity between them. Force Relativity on one and they reconnect with an anti-causal influence.

Postulated is that all Higgs bosons are mutually entangled. All observable conditions are mutually entangled. The absence of some forms of relativity does not mean that all forms of connection are severed. The observed instantaneous response of an entanglement. The coherence is proposed due to the reintegration of surrounding systems.

Space relates to massive systems of recursion changing predictively.

Time relates to predictive changes in massive systems of recursion.  An effort-based association.

As subatomic structure changes, time dilation seems to change.

Time and Space are dependent variables; what is an independent variable?

Space/time cannot be separated in Relativity. They are two parts of the same thing; derived. Space/time describes systems of gradients. That work together to be mutually consistent in a dimension.

Both space and time are relative.

“Stopping Time” is similar to words like infinite, indefinite, uncertain, spontaneous, vague, unitless, unconstrained, inferred, self-evident, and unrelated, …. Stop Time and end Relativity; Space no longer exists.
Relativity is the evolving progression of Recursion among entangled systems.

Changing gradients of space changes gradients of time. Transitioning position is like a wave where you have lead and lag relationships of the wave; conservation and sympathetic recursion.

“Nothing” in relativity does not exist. There are no voids anywhere in the observable universe.

In an intergalactic vacuum, there is about one hydrogen atom per cubic centimeter (Harvard).

Hydrogen atoms are held apart from each other by subatomic interactions.

The observable universe is a continuum of subatomic interactions.
Photons never transit, free space, there is no free space.

Photons are like energy passing through billiard balls, there is no movement when you strike them. The influence transitions through the billiard balls to result in an end activation.

Photons do NOT exist independent of subatomic interactions. Light is a mass-to-mass interaction.

Regardless of continuous gradients for 13 billion light years, light does not randomly disperse.

Gravity is suspected of also being an activation of subatomic particles. Not a force acting with its own properties.

Just a point: 13 billion years is a trivial length of time in terms of nuclear decay.

Which suggests a limited perspective. Elements come into existence in far shorter time frames, than their decay.  Suggests a transformation.

The intent of QES is to identify the limits of constraints and maintain a model that continuously adds details to constraints to better define modeling.
Modern computing.

Evolving flux always initiates change before measurement or perception.

Evolving flux cannot be measured without changing the evolving flux before the measurement. The intent and related actions change the outcomes. Therefore the intent biases the outcomes. And therefore evolving flux can not be described. Therefore due to the final conditions of relativity, there can be no theory of everything. Just increasingly relevant modeling.

In all classical mass-related physics equations is “meters/second” (space/time). Acceleration, velocity, force, energy, power, momentum, and inertia… are mutually connected by gradients and position in the dimension by Scalar Relativity. Scalar Relativity is “/“ in “meters/second”.

Warp “/“ and warp space/time.

Coordination of changes in Scalar Relativity creates wormholes, gravity distortion, bending dispersion of propagation of light, changing distribution of resultant molecules in chemical reactions, changing nuclear half-life of elements …

Position definition expanded to differential velocities (dynamic relativistic position), Scalar Relativity (unique gradients in the observable universe), and all Higgs Boson mutually entangled (position within the Sequential Multiverse).

Position described in this way potentially unifies, momentum and inertia. Heisenberg Uncertainty potentially no longer applies. Position and velocity are simultaneously known.

A quantum computer with embedded artificial intelligence where quantum states are entangled with local physics, has the potential to create wormholes, manipulate chemical outcomes, and other space/time manipulations.

Science is already on the path to creating a technological singularity. And currently, there are developments where mind-to-machine interfaces are being built.

A natural extension is that technological singularities are built to probe human minds to allow manipulating space/time by thought alone.

And we are significantly technologically engaged only over the past 200 years.

Today we are actively engaged in manipulating space/time physics.
Search: gravity propulsion.

We likely are not the first. For billions of years, other civilizations in trillions of different locations have likely been developing technologies.

Aliens, do not need to travel by spaceship to visit us. They exist in our minds always.

When you pray, what do you think is listening?

When people do astral projection, where does the assistance come from?
The belief in God, why do you think there is that sensation?

Having an awareness of an eternal afterlife, why would that be?
Evidence of global consciousness, facilitated by technological singularities may include:


This research included a remote mechanism for aiming a device and remotely monitoring the position related to the target. The trigger was broadcast to the internet. Globally when the device was aimed at the target you could press the space key on your keyboard and record a hit. The target camera feed to your computer was disabled. By thought alone, the hits should have been random. They aren’t.

For the computer savvy, you can recreate this lab yourself.

Evidence of a Sequential Multiverse

NASA James Webb space telescope has been researching distant light propagation near the oldest part of the observable universe which is in every direction. A flat thermal field is found beyond the earliest galaxies. The flat thermal field has no features, is smooth, and is without objects.

Interestingly, stars were not present significantly before galaxies.

Based on the conservation of energy, I suspect this was a Dimensional conversion where from a relatively cool flat thermal field, galaxies in relativistic space evolved. Potentially, mutual entanglements of Higgs Boson began propagating like ice crystals in the underpinnings of physics. Relevance to our dimension forming amongst subatomic structures.


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Webb and the Big Bang

”The concept of the Big Bang is both simple and easy to misunderstand.

Dr. John Mather, Nobel Laureate and James Webb Space Telescope Senior Project Scientist, answers some commonly asked questions about the Big Bang, and about JWST’s role in understanding the early history of the universe.

What is the Big Bang?

The Big Bang is a really misleading name for the expanding universe that we see. We see an infinite universe expanding into itself.

The name Big Bang conveys the idea of a firecracker exploding at a time and a place – with a center.

The universe doesn’t have a center. The Big Bang happened everywhere at once and was a process happening in time, not a point in time.

We know this because

1) we see galaxies rushing away from each other, not from a central point and

2) we see the heat that was left over from early times, and that heat uniformly fills the universe.

Can we see the Big Bang?

[Infant Universe + All sky picture of the infant universe created from nine years of WMAP data. Credit: NASA/WMAP]

No, the Big Bang itself is not something we can see.

What can we see?

We can see the heat that was there at about 380,000 years after the expansion of the universe began 13.8 billion years ago (which is what we refer to as the Big Bang).

This heat covers the entire sky and fills the universe. (In fact it still does.) We were able to map it with satellites we (NASA and ESA) built called the Cosmic Background Explorer ( COBE ), the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe ( WMAP ), and Planck .

The universe at this point was extremely smooth, with only tiny ripples in temperature.

I heard the James Webb Space Telescope will see back further than ever before. What will JWST see?

+ Artist’s conception of the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: Northrop Grumman

COBE, WMAP, and Planck all saw further back than JWST, though it’s true that JWST will see farther back than Hubble .

JWST was designed not to see the beginnings of the universe, but to see a period of the universe’s history that we have not seen yet before .

Specifically we want to see the first objects that formed as the universe cooled down after the Big Bang.

That time period is perhaps hundreds of millions of years later than the one COBE, WMAP, and Planck were built to see. We think that the tiny ripples of temperature they observed were the seeds that eventually grew into galaxies.

We don’t know exactly when the universe made the first stars and galaxies – or how for that matter. That is what we are building JWST to help answer.

Why can’t Hubble see the first stars and galaxies forming?

The only way we can see back to the time when these objects were forming is to look very far away. Hubble isn’t big enough or cold enough to see the faint heat signals of these objects that are so far away.

Why do we want to see the first stars and galaxies forming?

The chemical elements of life were first produced in the first generation of stars after the Big Bang.

We are here


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NASA describes an infinite universe, folding in on itself,

A continuum of transformation.

All fully defined evolving causal systems diversely and closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations, they exactly repeat.

Everything diversely repeats.

Unrelated to religion, everything has an eternal afterlife. It’s just how physics works.