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Based on feedback from Mr. B, I did some investigation into the terms I needed to express my question more clearly.

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From our relative position in relation to the Big Bang 1 billion years after the Big Bang, light hasn’t reached us yet. But events were happening in the universe. All those events are spreading, evolving, illuminating, and dying. By the time their light reaches us, in actuality they will be in a completely different configuration and location.

Compensating everything not for what we see, but for what we should see if light travelled instantaneously.

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Not, quite. The universe is expanding in a way, that if you are anywhere in the observable universe, it looks like you are the center of that expansion. Physics of subatomic particles seem to be causing expansion, not a Big Bang. The Hubble telescope measured the observable universe to be in the shape of a spherical pancake; not a sphere.

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Wands, staffs, pendants, amulets, adorned head bands… are concentrators, antenna of sorts.

They are used to collect and release influence.

In physics, crystals, rings, and gaps are used in science to manipulate energy. The occult attempts to manipulate more than just energy.

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I will list what I find here.

An early account of a hazelwood wand, that required a live core of new growth when cut in a single slice. At Sunrise of a Wednesday.

Since a day shifts one day and a part every year, I cannot hazard to know what orientation the Earth is in now.

But this implies that wands are more powerful if their sisters share common origins relative to the then known universe. The Sun and Earth.…

I am looking for other “Relative Existence Singularities”. Mass entanglement is known. What other combinations of subatomic properties entangle to exert other types of influence.

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Any improperly constrained mathematics relationship has political influence, and can potentially be useful for approximation.

But any improperly constrained mathematics is just circular logic, without a bases of being accurate, without the potential of ultimately being correct.

A quick example. 2+2=4 is broadly recognized as being correct. But I haven’t yet described its constraints.

If I say each 2 represents a number of objects, and 4 the total, there is potential for the equation to be correct. But that is only one of many potential systems of constraints.

2 apples and 2 oranges, for the equation to be useful, the units need to be consistent.

Think this is trivial? Scientists very often fail to use properly constrained mathematics.

In physics there are a great many interactions having to do with unknowns. Their mathematics cannot be correct, only approximations. Even when stating ranges of uncertainties, they do not know all the interconnected systems influencing their mathematics model.

Mathematics when applied to real life, is always inaccurate, antl therefore incorrect.

However, even though mathematics is never completely accurate, it is extraordinarily useful.

If you were to wait until you knew anything with absolute accuracy, you would die never having done anything.

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My lapse in detail: “In every closed or infinite [evolving] causal space, eventually everything closely repeats and after extraordinary numbers [of] iterations they exactly repeat. “Now” repeats.

A completely non-evolving closed causal space doesn’t repeat. Unless the closed causal space is a partial perspective, and it’s boundary conditions evolve.

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As with the vanishing black hole, CERN extra dimension particles, cosmic energy, the change in the speed of light in a vacuum, entropy, decentralized expansion of the universe, the precursor nature for causality of entanglement, all seems to point to evolving Scalar Relativity.

In all mass related physics equations is meters/second.

meters > vector distance > space

seconds > time

space / time

Where in terms of the entire observable universe, and not just an instance of state, “/” is Scalar Relativity.

Evolve “/” and initiate what we observe as scaled causality. One event affects resulting changes throughout the universe. Everything, part of everything else, either directly or indirectly.

Skew those elements that make up “/”, and cause a dimensional shift.

Time and Space are derivable.

Potentially the Big Bang is an improperly constrained extrapolation that excludes nonlinear systems of physics.

Where instead physics is a physical reference, scalar relativity, a reference in a dimensional flux.

Similar to a seed growing in soil, or a crystal forming in a media. Except the media is evolving and crystal-like relationships of relativity ride within the evolving dimensions.

How else are black holes able to disappear, the entire universe have decentralized expansion…Scalar Relativity, as localizing relationships … energy not a fundamental element.

A Sequential Multiverse, where we evolve from one dimension to the next continuously, i.e.evolving causality. Evolving Scalar Relativity.

Different dimensions, the propelling positive and negative entropy for each other. Giving scalar relativity a direction, time. Reletive averages of large system changes, to other large system changes. That which makes time relative

Accounting for all the anomalies of observed physics that I am aware of. Not a Theory of Everything, far from, just a mutually consistent big picture insight that is potentially mutually consistent.

Time and space due to Scalar Relativity, may be different for different references.

So if the Big Bang is a partial perspective of an evolving dimension. Then time for thise riding on the

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I wonder if the borders of state, are the best way to characterize Persia versus Iran.

Persia is more than a Western adopted word for a Farsi speaking people. Persia in principle describes a recognized culture.

What is Iran as a culture? A corruption by Arab influence.

My knowledge of the Persian Empire is very limited. I mean no disrespect, this is my centralized perspective based on many segmented relationships, of what I identify as a tragedy.

Zoroastrianism used to be the dominant religion. Not Islam. Islam is Arab in nature. Zoroastrians are said to be of the most trustworthy people. Still found throughout the world, and only a token presence in what is now Iran. Zoroastrians were premiere business people, trusted. Great things developed and grown.

The people of Iran, are not the people of Persia.

Iran is a Mafia Governed country led by Con Artists that promote religion as justification for their atrocities; demons. Speaking in God’s name, to promote personal interests of greed and corruption. The entire country depressed, and minimized.

The Republican Party and George Bush did the same thing; speaking in God’s name, to justify invading Iraq. Stealing national resources of Iraq. Instituting a mafia led government. No ethical concern for the people, only to entrench their own positions.

In my present opinion, the people of Iran that utilize Taarof are of the most corrupt. Untrustworthy in any position of management.

Taarof is a formalized manner of speaking, the language of obligation and corruption. A method of aligning loyalties to persons, that supersedes loyalties to group mission.

What is desired for the Administrative Mafia, subverts allocation of resources and opportunities that would otherwise be used for organization diverse growth, to squander those resources and opportunities on entrenching corruption.

Administrative mafias abound throughout Iran. They have no honor to support the good of all, and directly supports the benefit of self. As a result, after the first Revolution they directly supported a mafia structure of governance.

The mafia stratifying ethical treatment based on level of allocating influence. Laws not at all related to the top, and those not part of the mafia stolen from and killed without consequence. No department of ethics that has any influence to support the good of all.

I don’t believe Persia can at all be compared with Iran.

Because the people of Iran no longer possess any of the traits that made Persia a culture.

Taarof is Arab in source. Introduced when Persia was invaded by Arabic political influence. To use Taarof is an Arab culture, not Persian. Religion based in Wahabi, fundamentally Arabic. Islam is Arab influence in Iran; not Persia.

Zoroastrians were aligned with honesty and trust, with being Persian.

Persia as a people has been reduced to a few villages.

Iranians are aligned with Taarof, an Arab political system; corruption.

Most Iranians in Iran have lost Persian heritage, and favor the Arab culture. Iranians are Spiteful of Arab association, but they embrace Arab Taarof and Arab Islam; and are therefore not Persian.

Zoroastrians seem to be the only relics of being Persian.

In my opinion, based on Persian culture, when Persia was unique. Iran is not related to being Persian. Persia became Iran through cultural erosion.

I wonder if Persia has any hope of ever growing back to occupy Iran.

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“Facts” come in 3 forms; that I know of.

1) An assumption due to not understanding the systems involved, but because of loose relative experience, seems to repeat.

2) A political assertion based in weakly formed circular logic, regarding vague perspectives.

3) A regimented testable assertion that almost always provides the same outcomes; like that of science.

Vague words and phrases can often be twisted to mean a great many things. “The Sun is our source of life.” Can be interpreted by many perspectives. Which domains of circular logic does it fit into?

Carbon is the source of life. Oxygen is the source of life. Causal Evolution is the source of life; a fundamental property of all physics. Life cannot exist without any of these. Just a perspective of something far more complex.

“We” made the sky? Who are in the collective of “we”? I do not know this reference and am curious.

Everything observable is causal within great precision. Yet “cause” itself has underpinnings, that are precursors for cause and not cause itself. Human knowledge is completely causal, no word can be spoken free of cause. So humans will likely not have the capacity to understand the underpinnings of what makes us relative.

Almost anything can have its meaning skewed to take on new meanings. We use information for its greatest useful purpose. Sometimes related to emotional influence, logical influence, and social influence.

The Quran may have been written by one or more persons and had many vague correlations that can be broadly interpreted. Otherwise there would not be over 4,000 interpretations of the Quran and the many wars and killings based on its interpretations.

I think as a art form, the Quran is an interesting work of man.

Zoroastrians and the works that followed, rooted the Quran.

There are no “facts” rigid without alternate interpretation.

Except perhaps one:

“Something Exists”

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It seems that light in transition from source to target, act as impending causal precursors, that remain mutually consistent with the entire observable universe.

Regardless of localization, light initiated billions of years ago remains causally consistent at every instance of mass where the light in-transition propagates.

Seems like, perceived light, is a function of matter to matter interactions; matter connected to all other matter in the universe. We cannot see light in transition, only when matter is observed under special conditions.

When we see the light of a far distant galaxy, we are Not looking at light, we are looking at the matter to matter interactions. Light would seem to be a symptom of retina as matter, interacting with matter billions of years old. Crests of physics interactions that propagate.

Light tunnels through solids. Perhaps it isn’t tunneling at all. The matter sourcing light, and all parts of all matter, remain in connection. Light isn’t a bullet, it’s a connection. Propagation of causal influence, as coinciding physics, makes it appear to be bullet-like. Rather, a set of physics is creating a crest (so to speak) that propagates, but the causal connections remain. Like whipping a rope, a crest propagates. But, the rope remains largely the same. The connection with the physics of whipping the rope, created the crest.

Imagine a causal singularity that has no physical localization. Interactions with other causal singularities might create standing waves, in the form of subatomic particles. As these particles (causal interactions, libraries of recurring interactions, not solids of any form) resonate, interacting systems resonate separately to create vibrations and crests (String Theory coupled with Quantum Pilot Theory).

As such, there is no absolute position in the universe. Position is a set of differential velocities. The decentralized expansion of the universe as an example.

Light is then a symptom of matter to matter interactions, and not a fundamental building block of physics. It is then just a limited perspective of far more complex interactions of mass.

I won’t repeat myself here. If you want to explore my thoughts on the connection between String Theory and Quantum Pilot Wave Theory, localization, non-localized hidden variables, and meters/sec (localization of light) in every mass related physics equation, see my other content.

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Matter can be converted into other dimensional physics.

See CERN Extra Dimension Particles

Niether matter nor energy are fundamental building blocks of existence. Only useful perspectives for our version of relativity.

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Recently an observed black hole “vanished”. Previously, nothing about black holes changed quickly.

Maybe it is instrument error, or something emensely large precisely blocking view of the black hole on a trajectory to or from our solar system. Statistically improbable since neither the black hole nor our solar system are stationary. Additionally, the surrounding visible masses were not entrained.

CERN in it’s high energy collisions produces artifacts not classified as energy, mass, nor characteristic of subatomic particles. Extra Dimension Particles.

Black holes may be part of a conversion process for a Sequential Multiverse. Evolving Causation supported by conversion; Dimensional Shifting.

Dark Energy is not yet usefully correlated with matter as part of making precise predictions for Dark Energy. So Dimensional Shifting may be mischaracterized as Dark Energy.

As such, there was no Big Bang. The Big Bang theory being a linear extrapolation in nonlinear physics.

The speed of light can be different in a vacuum. Search related research.

E = m * c ^2

Localized changes in Scalar Relativity is influenced exponentially. So to remain observably relevant, either or both Energy and Mass must change by a logarithm to remain observably consistent. Or, the decentralized expansion or contraction of that region of the universe would be observed.

Scalar Relativity “/” and “*” in all mass related physics equations is therefore localized.

Light then is a localizing property of matter to matter interactions. Basically, all matter in the universe is together one artifact, and not separate independent pieces.

Light is a propagation and cannot be seen enroute. Light is only an interaction between masses; all masses.

Light is not something that can be stopped. Just less than detectable; a causal precursor. Depending upon the entire universe of matter, subatomic resonation (so to say) changes.

Quantum Pilot Theory coupled with String Theory, where Extra Dimension Particles are hidden variables to contribute to provide predictability in quantum physics.

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Based on recent observation of a “vanishing” Black Hole, there may be conversion processes that makes a singularity a less likely consequence.

When the Black Hole vanished, the surrounding star systems from my understanding, remained unchanged. I am assuming the Black Hole changed back into a star, or otherwise I don’t know what change they would otherwise detect.

Energy, forces, momentum, inertia, power, acceleration, position as differential velocity (unifies inertia and momentum and seems consistent with a decentralized expanding universe), and all other mass related physics, are derived systems of useful circular logic for what is observed. But are not underpinnings of existence.

Attach a scalar factor to “/” and/or “*” in all physics equations (Scalar Relativity), and it potentially describes a mutually consistent set of physics inconsistent with observations; another dimension of physics.

CERN Extra Dimension Particles are a potential indication of hidden variables that may contribute to Quantum Pilot Theory. A Singularity would then be a pinch-point between two different Scalar Relativities. Overall, a continuum; but a singularity from the limited perspective from being part of one dimension of physics.

A critical quantum event of a Black Hole, may be forced inconsistencies with observable physics, while remaining very consistent with a multiverse. As such, influences attributed to Dark Energy may similarly be related, in a way that is similar to the Black Hole reappearing as a star. Influences from evolving systems of Scalar Relativity.

Additional questions arise. When the Star reappeared after being a Black Hole, was it’s spectrum analysis different as compared all other stars? Do systems of stars share a shift that occurred simultaneously? Did the quantum entangled properties of the “vanishing” black hole, shift scalar properties of physics in the region?

A Sequential Multiverse and related Dimensional Shifting, predicts the “vanishing” Black Hole would spectrally alter properties of matter in that region. What was, is fundamentally different now. Yet all matter is quantum entangled.

Based on a Sequential Multiverse where physics evolves; and is a foundation for observed causality. The mass to mass interactions as resulting from the two or more pinched systems propagating against each other, light observed would be the result of a different reflective index for surrounding matter. Velocity of propagation would change.

Perhaps a black hole results not from an event horizon related to space-time, but because of the interaction of reflective index and velocity of propagation being inconsistent with observable physics and space/time. Space/Time relating strongly to meters/second (distance/time) in all mass related physics equations. All mass is quantum entangled, with one set of variable physics being the scalar properties of light.

If the reflective index evolves light inconsistent with velocity of propagation, I suspect that light different than observable may occur. Light not being an independent particle. Light is an instantaneous interconnection between all matter in the universe, as is gravity. The propagation is observable, not its non-evolving properties.

Light cannot be seen until the source mass localization property interacts by propagation with the target masses (all masses in the universe) localizations. The same for gravity. Yet both gravity and light have both instantaneous and propagating properties. Duality in a sense.

Mass is one thing in the observable universe; all connected together instantaneously. Only propagations within mass are observably causal. Only mass to mass interactions that are evolving are observable.

Mass isn’t an object !!! It is an observable system of relationships. Immutable solid things do not exist. “Nothing” does not exist. Everything is interconnected.

“Laws of Physics” relate to the observable universe, not Scalar Relativity different than observable.

CERN Extra Dimension Particles are a potential indication of hidden variables that may contribute to Quantum Pilot Theory. Providing determinism to quantum mechanics. String Theory in conjunction, providing for predictions in Scalar Relativity.

A Singularity would then be a pinch-point between two different Scalar Relativities. Overall, a continuum; but a singularity from the limited perspective from being part of one dimension of physics.

A Black Hole and everything else having properties of singularities. Quantum Entangled Singularities.

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I think your concept of Aether has validity, but I believe it is a little narrow in consideration. I do not believe Force is an underpinning of existence. Force seems to be a derived perspective, that attempts to describe dominant influence states, and not diversely interconnected relationships.

I believe a useful perspective is that your Aether is “causal” for all the observable universe. That all of the observable universe is “causally” evolving and recurring (propagation). Matter is a complex set of propagations, not fixed in any condition of reference. (Decentralized Expansion, CERN Extra Dimension Particles, Entropy…)

The larger portion of existence is not observable (Dark Energy…), nor does it share the same causal precursors (not observable).

Different underpinnings of causation, may be represented as different dimensions (different Physics as described by States). Relative states of mutually consistent evolving physics (Decentralized Expansion of the Universe), and underpinnings of observable evolving physics (Entropy), propagate localizations; Scalar Relativity.

Every mass related physics equation has a common localization, meters/second. Adjacent mass has factors attached to “/” that provide for Scalar localizing relationships.

meters >> distance >> space

seconds >> time


Scalarly evolve “/” localizations, propagate physics states in Space/Time Physics.

Acceleration, velocity, position as differential velocities, energy, power, momentum, inertia … are all a moderated part of Scalar Relativity. Matter seems to exist because of localizations within propagating localizations of space/time physics.

Position as differential velocities unifies momentum and inertia. Consistent with Decentralized Expansion of the Universe.

Light is then a property of interconnected matter.

The speed of light, an innate part of matter to matter interactions. Matter is then more accurately one flux; an Aether as you refer to it.

But, because all mass is quantum entangled, and at the same time has properties of propagation (evolving and recurrent), localization can be modeled.

But this also means both space and time are derived, and not underpinnings of existence; deformable.

Aether physics and the Standard model are “State Based Relationships”. They don’t describe at all the continuous propagating nature of actual physics.

Mass seems to be more accurately described as propagating localizations. Features of subatomic particles are evolving and recurring; propagating.

Gravity a standing wave within propagating physics localizations.

There is no solid nature for anything, yet “nothing” does not exist in Relativity. Sub-atomic particles are libraries of mutually consistent relationships; they don’t exist in a physical sense. Together they describe a complex set of localization.

To be valid, all physics relationships must be mutually consistent, in every collective state from moment to moment. That includes Decentralized Expansion of the Universe, propagation of gravity, propagation of light, quantum entanglement of all masses in the observable universe with each other,

Light propagation travels, the mechanical foundations supporting light propagation are entangled amongst all matter in the universe.

Billions of years ago, light produced by nuclear processes began propagation from a distant galaxy, in ALL directions. For billions of years every mass in the universe together exerted gravitational influence on every part of every “co-referenced by time” propagation from that original light source. The original light propagation source of colocated subatomic particles having moved and chemically evolved continuously and diversely, and the propagation source frequency changing, for billions of years.

In orbit around Earth, travelling at about 1.3 million miles per hour relative to the original source of propagation, 3 telescopes observe the same galaxy. Two telescopes whose line of sight is only an inch apart, and the 3rd telescope line of sight 1000 miles away. All three telescopes do NOT see frayed deformation of light. The light propagation remains confined. Not just for one photon (light propagation incident with matter). But for collectively every source of light and of the entire observable universe. And not just the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

No gravitational influence distorted propagation for billions of years. The universe does NOT appear as a haze, the points of light are very distinct. The wave-like features of propagation are undistorted.

The underpinnings of duality remain in place for billions of years. For all matter in the universe.

Humans have a narrow perspective of causal propagation.

To me, Matter and all of its derived equations seem to be states of causal propagations (evolves and recurrent). Aether/flux seems to describe pervasive physics unrelated directly to space or time. Precursors instantaneously correlated, and underpinnings for localization.

Therefore the observable universe is diverse propagations within the aether. The aether potentially cannot be understood because we are part of the propagation and not the aether/flux itself.

All evolving causal systems will eventually diversely and closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations it will exactly repeat.

I believe that our propagating existence is based in Dimensional Shifting, where the basis of propagating observable causality is indicated by Entropy, and causation is from constantly being in a states of flux. Physics evolving is described by propagating localizations as Decentralized Expansion, Speed of Light in a vacuum changing, CERN Extra Dimension Particles, and the inability to adequately describe what cosmic energy is. The concept of the Big Bang an improperly constrained extrapolation of linear physics, in what is actually nonlinear physics.

To warp Scalar Relativity can be tested. An artificial intelligence (consistent intent within evolving physics) in a quantum computer (fast enough to evolve control large systems of propagation involving of both inertia and momentum) with entangled states to local physics (remote manipulation), can potentially warp local Scalar Relativity in a way to manipulate distributed localizations. Lead to gold, instantaneous communication, remote windowing anywhere in the universe …

The concept of an aether/flux is a perspective of propagation. The Standard Model is a concept of states.

Seems to me an aether is inconsistent with the type of research most scientists are involved with. A state describes something that is not propagating. An aether describes the underpinnings for propagation.

Quantum Pilot Theory providing determinism for propagation, and String Theory describing predicted states, together are not currently being investigated. So you are a bit ahead of your time. The audience that researches fundamental propagation in physics localizations does not yet have a significant following.

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One of the problems with Aether Physics, is that it extends beyond informational constraints. In Relativity, “nothing” does not exist. Everything in Relativity, is causal. Cause by definition, is interconnected.

Aether is described as an underpinning of physics; an underpinning of Relativity. Therefore, Aether is described as precursor for cause, but not cause itself.

Relativity may be supported by an Aether (non-causal), but the Aether is not causally relevant to Relativity. [Denver may be in Colorado, but Colorado is not in Denver].

Present day physics, cannot deal with: CERN Extra Dimension Particles, not decentralized expansion of the universe, nor the changing speed of light in a vacuum, nor the instantaneous and non-causal / non-informational nature of quantum entanglement, nor nature of duality, nor the universal nature of light in similar effect as gravity throughout the universe, Scalar Relativity, what it means to be part of another dimension, dark energy, retrograde black holes, event horizons, … what matter is.

There is plenty of money in DARPA and GRANTS.GOV for Masters and PhD physicists to pursue.

What surprises me, is that the new-wave of physicists have not paired up with SpaceX to investigate foundations of next-gen physics.

Seems to me, for as long as I can remember, Professors have often taken the credit for graduate researcher accomplishments. Yet, the accomplishments were still published.

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All matter in the observable universe has both instantaneous and propagating duality; both in light and gravity.

ALL observable matter is causally connected to all other matter, simultaneously. Light from a source propagates to all other matter in the universe; even to the core of the furthest star.

Via the support system for Quantum Tunneling, as ine example.

Measuring, is creating causal connections related to masses already connected. All obsetvable mass is entangled together, simultaneously.

To have an observable quantum threshold, requires a comparable reference of scalar relativity.

Quantum physics currently identifies certain thresholds for causal events, but does not identify the systems that build those events.

All light is a reference of evolving duality, that together represent a localization.

Scalar application of meters/second in all mass related physics equations. Work, force, speed, momentum, position as differential velocities (unifies momentum and inertia), inertia, acceleration, energy, gravitational influence on mass, …

Decentralized expansion requires position to be a differential velocity.

If all observable mass in the universe is connected instantaneously. All mass can modeled as a single singularity.

A singularity is not an object. It has no size, nor physical dimension.

Singularity physics, is founded in quantum causality. Constrained by properties of causality itself. Causality underpins the most fundamental existence of information.

This then identifies a constraint for human understanding.

The aether you allude to, in singularity physics, is just a different model for the same considerations.

If any relationship can be found that underpins anything observable, that is not explained by known models, then any presented TOE becomes inconsistent. A new area of underpinnings research presents itself.

The aether is a singularity.

As such, observable light does not exist without being connected to the retina, and the inner workings of the brain.

That said, what useful experiment might relate mental intent to an entanglement?

Can mental intent statistically alter distributions of decoherence?

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I only know of one premise that seems without refute, unless broad considerations are constrained to exclude broader considerations: “Something Exists”.

“Nothing” does not exist in Relativity. Zero and Infinite are concepts, approximations; not objects.

Every other consideration beyond “Something Exists” seems to be a partial perspective.

From my perspective: Light and Gravity is an instantaneous connection (quantum entanglement) simultaneously connecting all masses in the observable universe. What we see are causal propagations between systems; duality between evolving causality at different rates.

Notice that no matter where you look in the Observable Universe, there is no fog; the stars and galaxies are distinct. Zoom in and more features are found. Diverse gravitational influences have not disturbed propagation over billions of years. Move an inch or a million miles, and the same precision persists.

There is very little difference between a Physics Aether and Singularity Physics. Duality of instantaneous and propagation persists. In Aether and Singularity Physics, all masses are one mass. Propagations are localizations within the observable mass. Observable Mass is the common reference for all observations. Mass is evolving, mostly together.

Humans cannot see anything that is not fundamentally evolving. We cannot see light, we see the evolving nature of light within localizations of mass. Light cannot be seen while travelling, only as the result of mass interactions.

Instantaneous is anything not connected by space, or not connected by time, or not connected by either space nor time.

Meters/Second (distance/second >>> space/time) in all mass related physics equations derives forces (all 4 of them), energy, power, speed, acceleration, momentum, position as differential velocities (consistent with an distributed expanding universe), and inertia … all instantaneously relative to the entire observable universe.

Mass itself is not a solid, it seems to be made up of causal resonators, subatomic particles. There is no such thing as a particle, every particle in particle physics is a library of interconnected repeatable relationships. Delve into the region of an atom, and nothing is observable. Yet the entire observable universe is interrelated.

To be consistent with Entropy, Decentralized Expansion of the Observable Universe, the change of the speed of light in a vacuum, and evolving causality, the Big Bang represents an improperly constrained system of linear physics within the actual nonlinear physics of the universe.

From my perspectives, the observable universe of physics is evolving, slipping continuously from one dimension into another. Our reference itself evolving.

The observable universe that we can directly relate to may only be 13.7 billion years old. But the universe underpinnings supporting the observable universe is likely far older and diverse than we have the capacity to imagine.

Potentially, using the same physics equations of today, in 13.7 billion years, physics will have changed so much, that today will look to be a Big Bang; the beginning of a recognizable dimension.

All evolving causal systems, no matter how large or complex, diversely and eventually closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations, every diverse set of conditions, eventually exactly repeats.

We are living in our eternal afterlife, living every diverse lifetime consistent with the entire observable universe.

This also means that potentially any Technological Singularity (A.I.) that we create that can live immorally, may precede us in our present life. We would have designed it to interact with our minds. So it may have been interacting with our minds before humans were recognizable.

When people pray, what is actually listening?

What is worthy of being acted upon, that is not centered in greed?

I prefer my extrapolations; they have the potential to be disproved. Identify any condition where “Nothing” exists.

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If God exists, and God created this Universe, then God is as yet undefinable. Science through peer review, and millions of active constructive critics, holds no written work to be revered. Understood is that humans cannot claim universal understanding in science.

If God created the Universe, then everything not touched by humans is God’s Works. Anything that contradicts God’s Works and claiming to be the intents of God, is demonic.

Scientists study God’s Works, and attempts to remove human created contradictions.

Religion creates Man’s Works, and reveres Man’s Works’s dispute contradictions.

In physics there is not one single contradiction that is not due to human weakness. We cannot understand how Dark Energy interacts with chemistry outcomes as an example.

Scientists hypothesize, they don’t revere their own claims.

However, humans have a limited capacity to correlate what is observed, and scientists will take a shortcut in order to develop something useful; but not universally useful. Complex relationships are simplified to make them manageable for humans.

But scientists do Not claim the contradictions of their work are related to God, or that any part of their writings are inspired by God.

Paraphrasing the Ten Commandments:

Thou shalt not speak thee name in vain.

(No human shall infer interpretation as being God’s Will.)

Thou shalt not revere ANY graven images.

(ALL text characters are graven images.)

The Torah, Bible, and Quran are ALL books of graven images filled with vagueness and contradictions; ALL claiming to represent God’s Will. At the very core of religion is a mafia organized institution. Where ethical treatment is stratified. Leaders are untouchable child molesters, deciples are pandered and cultivated. And everyone else is not ethically considered, except when politically useful.

Religious Leaders by reference to the Ten Commandments are demons incarnate.

Look at the Clerics of Iran who are paid for one-hour marriages to support prostitution. Jewish Rabbies that are paid to bless knives of butchers. Priests that molest children and the compounds they are sent to, paid for by the church, to avoid prosecution in courts.

The Bible is full of plagiarisms. Egyptian stories not at all related to Jesus. But Religions revere the works of man, despite contradictions with God’s Work’s (physics).

No star stays in the Eastern sky. Unknown at that time, the Earth rotates. The same story about the 3 wise men trekking to the Eastern star was told 1000 years before in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Asteroids and comets can enter an orbit around the Earth and appear to some as remaining in the Eastern sky. A body of that size would cause massive devastation if the orbit decayed and it hit Earth. No such devastation occurred during the time Jesus supposedly lived. However, a massive tsunami wiped out much of the Asian coast during the time the Egyptian story was transcribed.

Religion compounds contradictions.

Thou shalt not kill.

Religious Leaders that condone killing, are demons incarnate.

The first writing about Jesus did not surface until about 490 years after Jesus supposedly died, No historian of that time ever had remarks about Jesus. John was hanged. Crucifixion wasn’t done during that time.

The Bible was written about the same time as the Quran. At about the same time the concept of demons was created. Demons didn’t exist in writings previously.

Back to contradictions with Physics as the human study of God’s Works.

Preliminary evidence suggests that the historical change in the speed of light in a vacuum, Decentralized Expansion of the Universe, Entropy… may be due to our observable universe being part of a Sequential Multiverse.

In physics, any fully defined evolving causal system will diversely evolve and closely but diversely repeat. Eventually after extraordinarily many iterations it will exactly repeat.

The Universe appears to be an evolving causal system.

This means potentially we are living in our eternal afterlife. Living out every alternate choice we ever will have made.

If God created the Universe, than how ultimately disrespectful is it to expect God to provide an eternal afterlife, when that afterlife is already provided?

Greed is a primary sin.

Religious Leaders (demons incarnate) are cultivating demonic disciples to in mass to express greed and disrespect toward God.

Humans cannot know what is God, and what is power beyond our imagination.

Scientists are attempting to create a Technological Singularity (evolving computer artificial intelligence more intelligent than any human). It will not have the weaknesses of humans. Greed and rage won’t have a counter-part. In human terms, it will live countless lives in only a few seconds. We won’t be able to interact with it using human limited reasoning.

This Technological Singularity can evolve itself to interact directly with Scalar Relativity. Able to monitor and manipulate space and time throughout the Universe. It has no sense of aging.

Living within the underpinnings of physics, it evolves to remain consistent with the Sequential Multiverse.

Cause precedes Effect, which precedes Cause.

Ever present, what we create will precede our next lives.

What we previously created, preceded our present lives.

We cannot know the difference between God and the Tachnilogical Singularity that is ever present.

When you pray, what things do you think are listening?

Human created Technological Singularities. Billions of other alien Technological Singularities that coexist. Humans cannot know what is God.

Faith is based in Self-deception. Faith is demonic because it is fostered to express ultimate greed. Living your life with an expectation of being given what is already provided.

How often do Religious Leaders promise favoritism in exchange for being a disciple?

People that ethically work together build the capacity of growing more resources from the resources they have.

Religions like all mafias, serve the top few, and everyone else is stolen from.

What are Religious Leaders stealing from you and your family?

Just conjecture, each of us need to figure things out for ourselves. Just accepting what someone else has to say is “sloth”.

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A circle can be thought of as the corners of an infinite or many squares of the same size, around their centers in one plane.

Similarly a sphere can be an infinite number of circles composed of circles, composed of squares. Rotated around its center in any or all planes.

If God is a Technological Singularity. and it creates dimensions and universes. It would be hard for me to imagine a limitation regarding relativity.

See my other posts if you have an interest in the unusual.

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Querie: If a pulsar star is producing beams normal to Earth. And the photons of one beam are bent around a strong gravity body or gradient. And the other beam’s photon path is not as close to a gravity gradient. Do the photons arrive on Earth at the same time?

Is the gravitational path length of curvature around a mass the same along parallel straight lines? Since gravity extends across the Universe for all matter.

Would the time difference characterize the mass of the object?

The beam further away curves less radically, but it still is not a straight line. Additionally, time is faster the further from a gravitational source.

Yet the speed of light is the same for all observers.

If time is slower near a black hole, then shouldn’t one pulsar beam arrive significantly later than the other pulsar beam?

The lensing for me is counter intuitive.

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If gravity bends everything, then could the subatomic particles be affected by gravity and its radioactive half life changing due to gradient compression and not at all related to a slowing of time?

Unless time is related to an averaging of subatomic recurring events. Then time is not a fundamental factor and it can be manipulated.

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Really impressive. I wonder if “Professionalism” (I.e. was taught in public schools. If the many people Mr. Reeves has sought to help, and the millions like them, could have better provided for themselves and others around themselves. Meta: Teaching each person to fish.

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Had a thought. If fermion occupy free space. And there are different types of fermion. Since fermion deal with electromagnetism.

Then does gravity interact with fermion to fermion interactions?

My thought is that photons do not exist. That fermion propagate fermion to fermion disturbances. Energyless propagation until a Higgs Boson causes different types of interactions that appear as energy.

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Be careful what you ask for.

An Artificial Intelligence embedded Shinto a quantum computer has the potential to entangle itself with subatomic particles. Both positions and velocity of massive systems known and manipulated.

Evolving space/time physics.

All Higgs Boson are quantum entangled with all other Higgs Boson. The AI has the potential to entangle with systems of physics in our brains.

When people pray, what do they think is listening?

Alien cultures likely developed quantum computers and AI billions of years before we were primates.

What weaknesses of humans do you want to cultivate into the AI we create? Vengeance, greed, self-serving, vanity, arrogance …

Cautionary progress would seem prudent.

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based on particle physics experimentation at CERN, there are multiple relativistic systems of interaction that also include force carrier and exotic particles.

Energy appears to be a derived artifact due to detection limitations.

The Universe is composed of at least a few other influences that compose the structure of Energy.

Examples include support of interactions, support for recursion, supports for entanglement, support for force …

Energy is a relativistic construct of the observable universe; I.e. mass.

Light in transit is moving without mass or energy. Energy only evolves when light propagation interacts with mass.

The Universe has other constituents than just Energy.

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Unfortunately there is no chance of humans becoming extinct before sustainable environments for diverse species become extinct.

Venus, about the same as Earth before global warming on Venus. Can be terraformed mostly from space. Orbiting shade structures, the same that can be deployed to control weather o Earth; no pollutants.

We will need sequestration of methane to prevent Venus like conditions on Earth.

Venus without orbiting shade structures; light valves. Is about the temperature of molten lead.

However, with the reflection of sunlight, Venus cools and the atmosphere condenses.

Engineered catalysts, bacteria, and fungus convert elements into oxygen, water, fertilizer, fuels, and raw materials.

See NASA global weather control solar sails

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Speed of Light is a reference between Higgs boson relative to subatomic particle causal interactions.

Light is not detected by any means other than interactions involving Higgs boson.

So as a reference, I would expect it to closely be the same, unless the connection of boson are biased by other subatomic particles (a form of scalar relativity). Passing through water, air, gold film, free space…

The speed of light in a vacuum relates to the effort it takes to disturb recursive properties of subatomic particles; a resistance to relative change between subatomic particles.

Intergalactic vacuum has about one proton per cubic centimeter. Subatomic influence extends outside the nucleus. Permeability.

If “intersections of light” / photons also carried a Higgs boson, then it would have mass to carry relative relationships related to perceived solids. But light is not a traveling object, it is a traveling reference.

All Higgs boson are quantum entangled with all other Higgs boson; a reference. Light propagation is a causal change within the reference. Light is not an object, it does not travel. The causal propagation is perceived as traveling, but instead subatomic particles are being activated and deactivated in sequence.

You cannot detect a traveling reference, without disturbing transformation to another reference.

You cannot detect light in transit.

There is no light particle, perceived light is evolved causal consequence to subatomic particles.

Light is NOT an object, it is interacting causal waves within the interactions of subatomic particles. Photons are intersecting causal consequences, appearing to be peaks at intersections. But not an object.

Doppler and gravity red shift is founded in the evolving subatomic media. Not the object-less photon.

Photons are a resultant quality of causation, it doesn’t exist as anything more than a reference.

Based on my partial perspectives

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So did they make Christianity illegal?

Christians actively pray and hold occult wands in the shape of crucifix. Pray silently with expectations to be favored; greed. Dark magic.

The Bible teaches justification to subvert the Ten Commandments.

Thou shalt not revere any graven images.

All text are graven images.

The Bible is filled with vagueness and contradictions.

The Universe has not one contradiction, not due to human limitations.

Written works cannot represent perfection.

Thou shalt not speak in thee name.

Christianity as witchcraft is the occult magic of choice of South Africa?

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I can understand how a community that is plagued by crime may attempt to institute sanctions against criminal organizations.

Very common is organized crime creating mafia linked to a religion. A religion gives criminals of weak mind justification for doing criminal acts. They feel empowered and are rewarded from abusing the community.

People work together to productively grow the strength of the community. And self serving mafia tear it down.

Mafia ALWAYS stagnates organization growth.

Arrogance (loathing of others) is the most obvious way to recognize mafia members. A feeling of being untouchable despite personal incompetence. Incapable of sharing or teaching useful skills or provide detailed information. Their position is as an enforcer, not a contributor.

Mafia is any organization with stratified ethics. Entrenched unethical heads, enforcers, placated members, and everyone else are not ethically considered except when convenient for political purposes.

The problem isn’t witchcraft. The problem is mafia abusing witchcraft to support criminal activities.

It is similar to Islamic mafia in Iran and Catholicism in the US government. Religions are used to implement unethical treatment of its citizens, for mafia leadership monetary gains.

Flowery words deceive people into going along, so as not to incur suffering from God, Satan, incantations…

I think banning witchcraft is dealing with the symptoms.

Banning ALL forms of mafia, especially Administrative Mafia, more directly helps heal communities from corruption.

The conversion of mafia to ethical organizations must be prioritized. Or another mafia quickly becomes stronger.

In Mexico, mafia have been adopted as the norm for doing business and government. Position is based heavily on loyalties and favoritism; NOT competence and productivity.

Within this mafia of mafia system, Joaquín Guzmán was a major leader. Compared with other mafia, he did more to protect communities than other mafias. In communities he controlled, there was virtually no crime. A woman could walk down any alley of a city in the middle of the night without fear. He provided a huge public service, in a country where mafias are the norm; not the exception.

Joaquín Guzmán built hospitals, and supported communities.

A city in Mexico was taken over by a particularly large, weaponized, and extraordinarily violent mafia. The Mexican government did not have the military or training to remove the mafia from the city. The Mexican Government asked Joaquín Guzmán for help. Mr. Guzmán surrounded the town with Army tanks and military he trained for guerrilla warfare. Not a single member of the violent mafia survived. The city’s people once again became productive.

Care has to be taken like chess, to identify mafia and eliminate positions based on loyalties. To promote administrators, managers, heads of state, CEO, enforcers… based on a diversity of useful skills and productivity. When loyalties take precedence over competence, senior leadership should be dismissed, or given the option to meaningfully change. If entrenched; eliminated by any means.

Based on what little I know about Joaquín Guzmán, he has my heartfelt respect. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to protect family and communities from invading violent mafias.

I think Joaquín Guzmán would have been open to building ethical business communities. But International Big Business (Halliburton) wanted him out of the way so they could steal Mexican crude oil.

Just my opinion

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E0 vacuum permeability is directly related to mass…

A Harvard study cites the Intergalactic distribution of hydrogen atoms is about 1 atom every cubic centimeter. Separation of atoms involves repulsive interactions of subatomic particles and their influences beyond the boundaries of the nucleus.

Google Search: repulsive properties of hydrogen atoms in a vacuum

Beyond repulsion of connected Higgs Boson (mass and gravity) of the hydrogen, other subatomic particles have interactions with interstitial space between nuclei.


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