The flat thermal field described by JWST after what was considered the beginning of our observable universe. I surmise is what you see looking back into an alternate dimension. No objects, but beginnings of underpinnings of an observable universe.

Described as an infinite universe, folding in on itself.


infinite not necessarily in spatial expense of the sort necessarily linear.

A continuum of transformation.

The universe is extraordinarily causal, so far as we can tell perfectly causal.

All evolving, causal systems, diversely and closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations, they exactly repeat.

A Sequential Multiverse, where the previous dimension and the subsequent dimension describe our present condition.

The progression of time.

Subatomic particles are relative singularities that are evolving with crystal-like growth. And, distributed transformation, and decay.

Every subatomic particle are recursive in nature, and all of them instantaneously evolving. A decentralized expansion of the universe due to evolving underpinnings of physics.

Postulated is that all Higgs Bosson are mutually entangled with each other. A Ford G reference of existence for the observable universe. An existence singularity that defines our dimension.

We cannot see or measure anything that does not use a Higgs Boson as a Detector. All light in route cannot be detected unless that light originates from and evolves with a Higgs Bosson.

Burning relates to energy and entropy.

All mass related equations of classical physics has a mathematical localizer of meters/second. Not surprisingly the same units as the speed of light.

Force, acceleration, velocity, energy, power, momentum, inertia… All call related to the 4D existence singularity by meters/second.

position described as differential velocities that are GEO localized why scalar, relativity and defined dimensionally by all mutual entanglement of Higgs Bosson.

This potentially unifies, momentum and inertia. Where Heisenberg uncertainty may no longer apply.

“/“ is Scalar Relativity. A unique set of qualities that only exist in one place in the universe and describes the qualities that mass related physics equations have due to being adjacent.

Bias or evolve Scalar Relativity and warp spacetime. Or, space/time if wanting to bias gravity.

see: gravity, propulsion

Meters is closely related to space.

Seconds are closely related to time.

Relativistic causal progression occurs as a progression between causal recursion and evolving flux.

Both relativistic space and relativistic time are derived from progression of massive systems of causally evolving, recursive systems of causality.

Relative Space relates to massive relatively stable, recursive progression.

Relative time relates to predictive qualities of changing massive stable systems.

both relative space, and relative time are derived approximations.

When a relativistic solid is accelerated, it’s girth becomes smaller. And its length becomes longer in the direction of acceleration. These are actual measurements that have been done.

Information and measurement is constrained by recursive causality. Any attempt to measure evolving flux results in the entire flux changing. Therefore, no theory of everything is possible. evolving flux cannot be defined.

Therefore we can never see the absolute present.

Quantum entanglement relate strongly to this condition.

The entire observable universe evolves instantaneously from recursive systems, interacting with each other. The previous state is noble, but the actual current state is not detectable. To measure the current state is to create a new unknown actual present state that has not yet been detected.

Detectable, causality lags by an instant.

A change that has already occurred cannot be detected until an instance later.

Entropy is a measurable change in these massive recursive systems from the previous dimension towards the subsequent dimension, our present condition. After an incident.

as the decentralized expansion of the universe, evolves, the number of mutually entangled, Higgs Bosson increases and decreases to define the observable expense of the universe.

In the beginning of the dimension, a flat thermal field gave rise to growth of objects.

New objects to plan properties of energy and plasma.

dominates. The thermal field tense towards being flat yet again from the perspective of our dimension.

reappear and entangle to create the dimensional qualities of our previous dimension.

Our observable universe reappears, and usually humans do not exist, but the reappears and burning persists.

But after many iterations humans do yet again exist, and life repeats in ways that we would recognize. Burning persists.

And after we have experienced every ultimate decision we ever will have made, we repeat exactly. Burning persists.

A perfect afterlife where everything and types and forms of life that we cannot imagine all coexist with everlasting challenges and experiences to explore.