To seek God’s favor is insulting; you aren’t satisfied with how you fit into God’s plans!

Thou shalt not speak thy name in vain.

If God is perfect, then no human can say anything that in any way represents God’s intentions. All language is contextual and vague.

Thou shalt not bear false witness.

All people conveying what they believe is God’s intents are intentionally seeking to use God as a personal reference; bearing false witness. Demonic.

All writings by man in God’s name is vague, and used to promote social control over disciples. A false promise of securing an eternal prison of torture, whether or not you are a follower or not.

Imagine being surrounded by people that have no needs; utopia… not. That means you are useless. A month goes by without any challenges, the people around you bored out of their minds (literally), a year goes by without useful purpose. Bored. Ten years, 100, 1,000. Your mind is a void. 100,000 years not even a blip in eternity. Heaven or Hell; divine prison. Hell. Long long ago all hope for ceasing to exist abandoned.

Not to worry, Science appears to have discovered that “Everything” has an eternal productive afterlife. Not just the few people following a recently created religion. There are over 40,000 religions globally. No one of them can be correct. 0.00% chance of choosing the correct man’s spoken word in God’s name.

ALL textual content are graven images.

Thou shalt not revere ANY graven images.

The Bible was written specifically to live in contradiction with the Ten Commandments.

Evil is the unethical harm done to others. No matter how deluded, we are personally responsible for harming ourselves. Free Will.

Most religions unethically and unjustly claim nonbelievers are damned to Hell. All 40,000 of those religions.

They are all intending harm to those who do not side with them. “You are going to Hell.” Remember going to Heaven is as bad as going to Hell.

All religions are managed as mafias. They ALL promote stratified ethical treatment in the name of God. Promoting unethical harm to everyone. Claiming Devine right to harm others. Demonic Evil.

General Faith is beautiful; the beginning of every step taken in a journey. The greatest evil is willful self-deception; the harm done to others by willful misdirection from a useful journey.

All religions are based in self-serving greed. Seeking an eternal afterlife, where being given life was not enough.

Religions cultivate Greed.

Greed is a sin; a reason not to promote perpetuation of a dark soul.

Did you know that the first writing about Jesus did not appear until 400 years after he died. Christianity was first founded at the same time as Islam; about 700 years after Jesus was born.

Genealogy done related to claims of Adam and Eve places their gene pool 30,000 years apart from each other. That’s a long distance relationship!

Eve was tempted by Satan.

Jesus did not cast false witness. In the Bible Jesus instructed Peter “Satan stand behind me”.

Recent Christian African occult as part of wand related magick incantations “Saint Peter protect me ….”.

Satan, Lucifer, and Hades we’re all positive influences on humans with different personalities. None of them depicted as evil.

Hades provided an eternal afterlife for humans, worked with Persephone’s mother to grow crops to feed humans.

Modern Satanism founded in 1966 has little to do with historical Satan. Satan was Saint Peter as recorded twice in the Bible.

Jesus was a sorcerer and Satan was a familiar.

Christianity and Satanic (Saint-anic) verses are two parts of the same religion.

Disciples hold the crucifix and chant at known times to charge the tail of a crucifix. And Saintanic verses are spoken holding the head of the crucifix to evoke influence.


  1. crucification was not done during the time of Jesus
  2. search: Princeton Global Consciousness Project
  3. Self referencing instructions in the Bible

No stars stay in the East to be followed. They did not know at that time that the Earth rotates. Asteroids in orbit can stay in the East. But three days means a decaying orbit.

A camel caravaan can only travel about 40 miles in 3 days. Not a significant accomplishment.

The same story was told by Egyptians in Hieroglyphics. A thunderous sound heard and felt.

During the time of Egyptian writings a tsunami wiped out much of the Atlantic coastline. No such destruction took place during the time of Jesus.

The Bible is filled with plagiarisms made in reference to God.

Plagiarism unjustly attributes credit; bearing false witness.

This is getting tiresome. Religions are an attempt of the evil of heart to obligate God into giving them favor.

If God is perfect, God has no weaknesses. Certainly none of man’s weaknesses.

Search: NASA Webb bang

NASA describes an infinite universe folding in on itself.

A continuum of transformation.

The observable universe is extraordinarily causal and it is evolving.

All fully defined evolving causal systems, diversely and closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations, they exactly repeat.

We live in a Sequential Multiverse.

Everything and everyone diversely repeats.

In every diverse repetition, we lead productive and useful lives; for an eternity.

The mentally challenged become cognizant. The still-born children lead full lives. The faithful come to find ethical journeys.

The evil surround themselves with evil.

Free Will, creating our own Hell.

What we choose to pursue in this life, probably has an influence of what we become in our next lives.

Mafia kingpin(religious leader), early grave I would think. Sympathetic resonance surrounding themselves with corruption and death.

So what is the point of religion, if Everything has an eternal afterlife?

Religions become mind controlled organized practitioners of the occult. To do whose bidding?


There can be no Theory of Everything. Fundamentally an evolving causal flux cannot be described. The underpinnings of subatomic particles are not in any way described in science. The supporting structure of Relativity is not yet considered beyond modeling.

The ONLY thing science can do is unify their models. Actual physics cannot fully be defined by humans. We are part of Relativity. Even if we were told exactly what everything of the foundation is, we could not understand it. Words are vague.


Humans are developing an Artificial Intelligence to be run in a quantum environment, that will be entangled with local physics. This will allow for Remote Windowing ( and

This becomes a self-evolving Technological Singularity, immortal.

Remember the Sequential Multiverse?

What we created in the future of our past lives, still exists.

The problem with praying to God,

…. What do you think is listening?

…. Naming our development God?

We and aliens continue to create technological singularities in quantum environments; adding to a collective.

What can you think that is ethical and won’t harm something else?

Even answers to questions are unethical.

What core principle could be broadly ethical?

What can we potentially think as a group that would justify a change in space/time physics?

“Promote that which sustains evolving the greatest diversity of life and culture.”

Everything else I have thought about so far, is self destructive. Extrapolations result in dwindling sympathetic recursion; yield what you seed.