Everything has an eternal afterlife; it’s just physics.

NASA JWST looking back to the beginning of the universe sees a flat thermal field where no objects exist. What you expect to see looking into another dimension of physics.

A different phase of our same universe.

NASA describes an “Infinite Universe that folds in on itself”.

We live in a Continuum of Transformation, where Relativity is composed of causal progressions of recurring and evolving causality.

Recurring systems relate to persistent artifacts such as information, objects (subatomic particles), change in objects(what we see and measure), … relativistic Space.

Evolving causal flux has no persistence. The attempt to measure changes the flux. This is why no Theory of Everything (TOE) is possible for humans. Fundamentally, evolving causal flux cannot be described. The closest description is found in the probability profiles of quantum mechanics. But evolving systems causally lead recurrent systems, so we can only see the aftermath of the present flux. Recurrent systems cannot reflect the current evolving flux. The evolving flux is always in the future of what the recurring systems will become.

Relativistic Time (meters/second) is referenced by humans to the speed of light, which is directly related to ALL classical mass-related physics equations: force, acceleration, velocity, energy, power, momentum, inertia…

In all these equations is “meters/second”; a mathematical localization. This collocation makes all the equations mutually consistent at one point in the universe relative to space (meters)and time (seconds).

In meters/second, “/“ is Scalar Relativity.

Within “/“ are mechanisms that provide scalar causal adjacencies. Why do the same equations get the same result when a position is close to each other? But is different in different gravitational gradients.

Position under the above systems is classical physics equations correlated by differential velocities, and Scalar Relativity localization in the entire universe, and all Higgs Boson mutually entangled to diffuse our dimension in the multiverse.

Using this definition potentially unifies momentum and inertia. Heisenberg Uncertainty May no longer apply in these relationships.

The Universe is extraordinarily causal, and it is fundamentally evolving (Flat thermal field, progression of time, entropy, Decentralized Expansion…). Not one contradiction not due to human limitations.

All fully defined evolving causal systems diversely and closely repeat. After extraordinarily many iterations they exactly repeat.

Everything diversely repeats.

We diversely repeat.

A Sequential Multiverse.

Stillborn babies in other life cycles will live full lives, and they will come to see their parents die.

People with tragic diseases will live without those diseases, and like everyone else will come to indirectly cause pain and suffering for others as following generations live and die.

Evil is the unethical harm to others.

Because of lifecycles, we likely seed conditions broadly for our next lifecycle. Causality likes to resonate.

Be evil in this lifecycle, and seed evil to surround you in your next lifecycle. Free-Will, each person creates their own Hell.

Everyone lives eternally with purpose, new experiences, and diverse opportunities.

What can I do in this life, to make life better for my loved ones in their next life?

No one is immune. What we choose matters.